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Munio is the stylish keychain that can actually save your life!


The name comes from a Latin word meaning “I protect” or “I defend.” That’s perfect since Munio’s unique combination of safety and style disguises its potential as a self defense weapon.


With Munio the average person has an easy to use and effective means to fight back and escape from an attacker.


The inventor, a professional self defense instructor, recognized that those most vulnerable to assault, women and teenage girls, generally resist the look and construction of weapons, and often fear the personal risk of the weapon itself.

In comparison, Munio looks like a small, attractive fashion accessory, so you will actually want to carry Munio, empowering your ability to fight back immediately. In fact, if you ever use Munio for self defense, it transforms from pretty... to pretty nasty!


Munio also works in situations where pepper spray, and other “standard” self defense products are seriously challenged, such as common predatory attacks from behind, or others which limit the use of your arms.


Munio is an attractive accent to your personal style, a comfortable, casual partner in your daily activities, and your ready, capable bodyguard.

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