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“ I work in a field where the unexpected can happen at any time. I feel more confident now that I am prepared to defend myself in a real life situation.”

      -  Tammy Jo R.


“ My time as a student has made a remarkable difference in my life. The classes have given me a sense of security and continue to be a rewarding experience."

      -  AnneMarie H.


“ The instructor’s one-on-one approach has helped my son tremendously. I have been able to see his self-confidence, respect and control grow year after year. ”

      - Drew G.


“ Overall, I was very impressed by the instructor’s martial arts skills, teaching abilities, his flexibility in training and his positive attitude. I know the students benefit greatly from the instruction.”

       - Devon H.

​​“ Well, I HAD A BLAST... you guys were wonderful... the seminar was great... I learned way more then expected. On top of learning some very serious stuff YOU TWO made it fun. The techniques were easy and we definitely had plenty of time to practice them.”​
      - Debbie D.


“ I think you guys did a great job at the seminar and I know that everyone enjoyed themselves. After the seminar, Laura and I had to fend off people wanting to join our private class!  You covered a great amount of stuff, and everyone for the most part seemed like they were picking things up in the time given. I really think what I learned was helpful. Professional and fun at the same time! ”​

       - Camille M.


​​“ We had an easy time learning the techniques, and there was enough time to practice what we learned. The instructors really knew what they taught us, and we really think what we learned was helpful. Both instructors acted very professionally and their studio was clean and well organized.  The credentials of each instructor were prominently displayed to insure credibility. We really enjoyed the seminar and have shared our experience with our friends.”​

      – Joe and Mary D.

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